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Super Funk Session, Zagreb Winter Fairytale

Funky rhythm

Super Funk Session is a funk super-group composed of funk-masters best known for their work in the soul jazz band Mangroove: their singer Željka Veverec and keyboardist Toni Starešinić are still part of Mangroove; their trumpet Igor Dorotić was part of Mangroove on their first album (Svijet za nas, 2009), and their drummer Đuro Dobranić ...
Scifidelity Orchestra, Zagreb Winter Fairytale

Masters of sound

Scifidelity Orchestra joins otherworldly style and sound to create entertainment like you have never seen before. Scifidelity Orchestra started in 2011 as a sub-group of October Light since a lot of written material didn’t fit into the concept of popular music. With the desire for a more holistic expression Stjepan and Benjamin Horvat (standup bass ...
Žiga Murko, Zagreb Winter Fairytale

In the Advent rhythm

Žiga's music is a celebration of existence. His curiosity and fascination with the unknown compelled him to experiment with a vast variety of art forms, ranging from classical music to jazz, electronic beats and soul music. He encourages us to immerse ourselves into feelings and sensations that cannot be formed into words, to go deeper into ...