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The AAC International (Art Consulting Agency and Gallery from Austria), representing Croatian artists Ivana Jurić, Fedor Fisher and Janko Petrović at the contemporary European art market, will display their recent works at this year’s Zagreb Winter FairYtale. The selected artwork will be showcased with a special attention to mediating the visual experience in the implementation of high-value art within the context of luxury and upscale interior design.

Fedor Fisher uses brush and canvas in a new way, and is the very first Croatian modern artist using newly developed, original techniques. His paintings-objects are material in a new way, moving the line of art in an unexpected direction.


Sculptor Janko Petrović explores the relationship between function and form with his
abstract, closed-form aluminum sculptures inspired by insects.


The works of Ivana Jurić make us wonder – how well do we know ourselves? How well do we recognize and see, how much do we interfere with others? Jurić discusses the human animal, Homo sapiens, in detail, exploring our face, gestures and movement, our bodies in rest and in motion, verbal and visual cues and communication, signs and symbols.

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