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Dino Galvagno, Zagreb Winter Fairytale Dino Galvagno, Zagreb Winter Fairytale

Simple Food as Art

Zagreb Winter FairYtale (Zagreb Advent, Hall V of the Technical Museum, December 5 to 8) is the place to see and try all that is beautiful and glitzy in the world – and delicious. Since his culinary beginnings, Chef Dino Galvagno has poured his soul into his food. Powered by passion and positive energy, the chef defines himself as a perfectionist. ‘As a chef, I tend to perfect everything I do. I believe this thrive for perfection is in my nature. I am inspired by the balance in things, in nature; I learn from nature, from seasons, from places. I find inspiration everywhere I go, in everything I do, creating dishes from locally sourced ingredients and weaving into the feel of the place that inspired them. I am a big fan of old cultivars and I believe we should give more attention to what grows around us. There are so many edible plants growing in nature that we as chefs and consumers aren’t using, which is a pity, as foraging has the power to reduce our carbon footprint and use of pesticides in food production. I make it my business to use every part of animals, especially when it comes to fish, as fishing is turning into a real threat to marine life in general. My other favorite is offal, something that used to have a place at our tables, but has since lost appeal. Above all, I believe food should speak to us on an emotional level, and I pour emotions into every dish I make.’ Dino Galvagno was born in Munich, and has lived in Italy, Croatia and Germany. The first dish he ever made was a vegetable soup, and he followed the recipe to the letter, he says. He spent his school days in Virovitica and Germany, and began his career as a commis, low on the kitchen ladder in a German restaurant. The next step in his career took him to Tuscany, and then to Zagreb, where he owned restaurants Prasac and Peta četvrtina. Made famous by his appearance as one of the judges in the Croatian Masterchef competition, Galvagno is currently teaching several cooking workshops and working on his plans for opening a resort in rural Lika. ‘The best way to get to know me is through my food’, says Galvagno. ‘I am an artisan and a master of many things – in the kitchen, you have to be a bit of everything; there’s architecture, statics, flavor pairings… a lot goes into a dish.’ Find chef Galvagno at the FairYtale and enjoy the five-course meal he designed for the event.