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Gorenje, Zagreb Winter Fairytale Gorenje, Zagreb Winter Fairytale

Gorenje Design

Different people, different tastes, different ideas of home and style. We all have our own unique vision of what home is and what it should look like. Gorenje has something for every taste: several design lines different in style, all perfectly functional and ready to make any house a home. Kitchen elements and matching appliances for every taste and every home – Gorenje has been working closely with some of the most interesting, creative designers of our times to create a style for every taste. Appliances that give you joy, elements that warm your heart, kitchens you will be happy in, whether your style is traditional, modern, minimalist or other. the Ora Ïto line is simple, decidedly modern and combines proven ideas with some of the most advanced domestic technological solutions of the moment. Strikingly designed elements will make the kitchen the heart of every home, be they clean white or impressive black. Gorenje Classico is like a well-tried and loved recipe; the one we all reach for when we want something comfortingly familiar. Available in ivory and matte black, elements are classical in style and innovative in every other way, hiding modern technology behind their stylish facade. Gorenje Simplicity is available in black and white, almost extremely modern and ready to fit into any space. Beautiful, simple and affordable, Gorenje kitchens and appliances can be seen gastro corner sponsored by Gorenje at this year’s Zagreb Winter FairYtale.