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Super Funk Session, Zagreb Winter Fairytale Super Funk Session, Zagreb Winter Fairytale

Funky rhythm

Super Funk Session is a funk super-group composed of funk-masters best known for their work in the soul jazz band Mangroove: their singer Željka Veverec and keyboardist Toni Starešinić are still part of Mangroove; their trumpet Igor Dorotić was part of Mangroove on their first album (Svijet za nas, 2009), and their drummer Đuro Dobranić on the second album (Put na Mjesec 2012.). Toni is the current leader of the most popular local jazz band Chui. Funk is sparky, rhythmic, full of energy and grabs your soul – come to the Super Funk Session jam at Zagreb Winter FairYtale on Friday, December 7, enjoy live remixes of domestic and foreign hits and let your body and soul move to the funk groove.

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