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Culinary fairy tale, Zagreb Winter Fairytale Culinary fairy tale, Zagreb Winter Fairytale

Fairylike grains touched by the grandmaster

We are happy and proud to announce the menu for the first charity dinner prepared by Dino Galvagno. Our famous chef will present grains in a completely distinctive and unique way, adding to the imaginatively prepared “simple” foods a few delicacies that give this menu a special note. We can not thank Dino enough for the support, which even included picking up watercress off a frozen meadow, hunting and drying the carp, smoked pears and juniper berries, and a lot of other tiny and important details that are part of Dino’s gastronomic rhapsody. Bon appetit to those lucky ones who will get to taste this 🙂


MENU FAIRYTALE – 5./12./2018.


Pho beef consomme

with yellow beet millefeuille and sour apple caviar


Smoked carp,

buckwheat biscuit, garlic and truffle cream, borecole coulis , beet and roasted carp skin


Fondant potato

fried in pork fat, basa cheese and juniper berries foam


Hare fillet,

fermented barley and jerusalem artichoke orzotto, oatmeal milk foam and smoked peer compote


Integral cake,

namelaka made of Pag Island cheese rind, not emulsified honey and salty butter, roasted quince with armagnac