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Žiga Murko, Zagreb Winter Fairytale Žiga Murko, Zagreb Winter Fairytale

In the Advent rhythm

Žiga’s music is a celebration of existence. His curiosity and fascination with the unknown compelled him to experiment with a vast variety of art forms, ranging from classical music to jazz, electronic beats and soul music. He encourages us to immerse ourselves into feelings and sensations that cannot be formed into words, to go deeper into realising our full potential and go beyond words to experience what we feel. After playing for years the trombone, Žiga Murko chose singing as a novel way to explore and express a whole new range of emotions. He does not rely on gimmicks or vocal tricks, but rather projects an intense and sensitive feeling through beautifully crafted songs. Žiga’s music is as enjoyable for listening as it is for dancing. If we could simply remove the hazy veil of everyday life, we would discover the mysteriously joyful essence underneath it all, an alluring passion, where we can dance and sing along.

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