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Are you Ready to Wear the Future?

Lovers of fabrics, colors and patterns, rejoice: Zagreb Winter FairYtale is ready to wrap you head-to-toe in high fashion or avant-garde designs by up-and-coming designers.

Sustainability, innovation and luxury – those are the three key words for the fashion part of the Zagreb Winter FairYtale. Shows by Slovenian designer Matea Benedetti and Boris Pavlin will open the event on December 6. Matea Benedetti is best known for her eco-spirit and revolutionary production process focusing on rare, precious and modern materials. The beauty of her designs goes beyond the visible when you learn that she uses vegan eco-leather made from pineapple leaves, organic wool and silk, fabrics made from bamboo and cannabis.


Boris Pavlin is an incorrigible romantic whose unique, delicate designs are made finely, by hand or by classical tools and methods of haute couture. Every piece in his collection is art, a small master-piece created over weeks of meticulous work. Feminine, dreamy and delicate, Pavlin’s designs are a window back into a time before fast fashion and cloned aesthetic.